Focused on Continuous Improvement

Why We are Different… and Better.

What differentiates Ten-West from our competitors is our ability to help our customers remain competitive and profitable in an ever-changing manufacturing climate. Ten-West has provided many customers a leg-up on their competition by introducing cost savings solutions using cutting edge technologies and production techniques.  We welcome the challenge of improving your most crucial applications.

Cutting Costs &

Improving Efficiencies

Your Ten-West representative will identify unnecessary costs within your processes.  Past successes have allowed us to quickly locate inefficiencies within facilities and share our valuable industry knowledge.

The Best Team

We are lucky enough to have the best team of people working for us… working for you.

Factory Trained Service Technicians

Ten-West will work with you to design and manage custom preventative maintenance program for all your tools.
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Backed by the Best Brands

We believe that having the best quality tools will help bring you the best production, that’s why we are backed by the best in the industry.

No Charge Assembly Analysis

Ten-West will perform a survey of your current process to determine areas where we can offer improvements. We then offer recommendations based on our findings. On-site demonstrations of tools are performed to allow the customer to realize the solutions we have proposed. We offer this service to you at no cost

Error Proofing Seminars

In the ongoing quest to produce the perfect product, error proofing is at the forefront. Form quality to safety is critical, your systems are only as good as the checks and balances built into the process. This course will present the various levels and methods of monitoring available for error proofing.  Ten-West offers these seminars on a regular basis at no cost to the customers.

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The Most Powerful Tools. Say hello to Ten-West.

The tools that get the job done right

No matter what industry you are in Ten-West Torque & Tool is sure to have the right tools for the job.  We are so confident that we can increase your productivity that we will come and prove our tools absolutely free.

These Tools are Amazing

We easily improve on your accuracy and efficiency with these precise and smart tools.

Connect to Smart Software

Our tools interact and process data at an incredible rate that keeps your assembly line working with true measurements and precision.

Grinders Built to Last

The strongest and most durable tools available

Air Motors

With freedom and flexibility

Tighten with Ease

Comprehensive range of high productivity assembly tools with intelligent controllers and a sharp focus on ergonomics

Everything You Will Ever Need

From Grinders to DC Tools and from Air Motors to Air Tools and More;

we have everything you will need

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact us at any time

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Looking to get a FREE Assembly Analysis?

Look no further.  

It is as easy as easy as filling out the request form



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